Lise Tremblay Thaychi holds a diploma in graphic arts from the “Institut des Arts Graphiques de Montréal”. She studied at the “Beaux-arts de Montréal” painting, drawing, sculpture, spatial and pictural organisation. She also followed an etching training at “l’Atelier de l’Ile “ in Val-David, Québec and studied a technique  of hand- made paper with Karen Trach. She has participated in more than 35 solo and group exhibitions.Lise Tremblay Thaychi has shown her art in many  exhibitions in the USA, France, Belgium, Spain, Poland and Canada.


Her work is part of many public and private collections including  the Bank of Canada, Bell , Christies, Fiducie Desjardins, Vogue Hotel, Husky, Hydro- Québec and more.She is presently exhibiting her art in museums in France and in Canada as well as  in many art galleries.L. T.  Thaychi has received prestigious awards. She is also well known  for her  illustrated books.


The artistic life of Lise Tremblay Thaychi

Thaychi is a spiritual name meaning “to transmit or to transfer light”.


The artistic process of L.T Thaychi is based on the inner  perception of her personal world, which in opposition to the real world is ethereal, filled with finesse, softness and lightness thus expressing another reality.

Creation has always been part of  L.T Thaychi!  Any object shape or colour  can be the starting  point of a new artistic creation.

“I look for brilliancy, light and marvel  in the web of raw beauty. I organise it to find the geometry  that  conveys  the essence that sprouts  in my inner world.  The themes  appear one by one  through the motions  and space of an  unknown universe.  All of this constitutes  the magic moment  outside of  time when everything comes together”.


Painter and sculptor, her drive is the relentless discovery of her deep spiritual being.The wonderful  metaphysics of her artistic creation  is an alchemy based on a quest for the light and the pure energy within  shapes, aesthetics unfolding naturally together with her feelings and the beauty she senses.Colours are seen as the bearers  of light and L.T.Thaychi  uses a palette which reaches into the microcosm of life and projects the viewer  towards  the cosmic dimension of the human being.Her art work has a stunning beauty,  it is  a poetry that only the inner eye can fully  capture.